Vont's Weekend (in Jersey) In 5+ Pics: (6/6/24-6/9/24)

I was back in the motherland (New Jersey) this weekend so don't be mad... but I've got more than just 5 photos to share. I went back to my sister Brielle off for her 8th grade social. Social is like a step down from prom because they get all dressed up but they have it in the school cafeteria. This first pic is her, my youngest sister Layla and I.

She looked so beautiful in her green dress!

Pictured left to right: Me, my mom Geneva, my sister Brielle, my stepmom Kima, and my dad Tareke

Sunday morning I woke up early and met up with my friend, Marissa, for breakfast. I went to college with Marissa and she was one of my best female friends who's also doing big stuff in media. It was cool linking up with her because I haven't seen her in about a year since I moved to the Midwest.

Yesterday was the Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC. Hopefully you watched it on TV so you could be in tune with the culture!!! But Alyssa and I went riding around her hometown blasting Hispanic music and I was dancing with the flag, waving it out the window.

The last thing I did (that I have photos of, at least) is linking up with a few more friends that I haven't seen since moving last July. We got together to do a photo shoot for something that we're working on pretty soon... (details to come)

In the above picture from left to right: My girlfriend Alyssa, my boy Chap, his girlfriend Yanie and my boy Justis.

Now tell me how raw we look in this photo below! I know it's FIRE... can't give away too many details on what we're cooking up yet but by the looks of this photo, could we be starting Simon Cowell's new boy band?

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