Why Cameron Diaz Deserves to Be Taken Seriously as a Winemaker

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Cameron Diaz officially announced her retirement from acting in 2018 after not taking any lead roles since 2014’s Annie, but Diaz Cameron hasn’t really retired, she’s just switched careers! The Charlie's Angels alum recently launched brand new "clean wine" brand Avaline.

And while some celebrities just opt to attach their name to a brand, this isn’t the case with Diaz. The actress told Rolling Stone that she went all in.

"Two years ago, we put our heads down and really went to work learning about the winemaking process," she shared. "I’ve never slapped my name on anything. I’ve always done the work. Even though it’s never felt like work because I only pursue things that I am passionate about. I can fully admit that being a “celebrity” opened doors for us," she added. "I did make movies for 20-plus years so I guess it’s finally paying off."

Learn all about Cameron's clean wine and where to buy it here!

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