Ryan’s Mom Connie Reveals Her Thoughts on Tanya’s BF: ‘He’s Good-Looking’

Pays to be the "Secret Seacrest"! Tanya Rad confided in Ryan Seacrest's mom, Connie, and revealed info about her mysterious boyfriend and Connie shared on-air on Tuesday, April 7, she approves!

Tanya explained she's not sharing his name with Ryan in case he accidentally says it on-air. But with Connie? All secrets are safe.

"Us girls have got to stick together," Connie adorably said, revealing that Tanya's boyfriend is "good-looking," "has a great smile" and eyes.

"His smile is, like, you can see his soul," Tanya added much to our amusement when Connie didn't necessarily agree 😂

Listen back to hear Connie's assessment in the audio above and for more.