Ryan Seacrest Challenges the Internet to a #NoChallengeChallenge Summer


Ryan Seacrest is officially over viral internet challenges 😂 So he’s challenging you all to a challenge-less summer with the hashtag #NoChallengeChallenge. It all came about while talking about the recent viral challenge #BottleCapChallenge and the viral story of a woman licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream in the grocery store.

“We have a real cultural problem,” Ryan shared on-air on Friday, July 12. “We need to see the employees for help because we are the ones creating this — we need help,” he added, referring to how stores are now hiring people to watch over ice cream after the video went viral and created a lick challenge. “This is the problem. This is the issue: … Sometimes because there are no boundaries [now] we don’t have a boundary and we used to have boundaries and now because you can create these videos and post different things, the boundaries have been diluted.”

In an effort to dismiss the silly viral challenges that are landing some people in jail, Seacrest joked we should do less.


“I can barely do the bottle cap challenge so we need a no challenge summer,” he said. “Let’s have a challenge-less summer. ... Post a video of you doing nothing … nothing creative, nothing cute — just viral videos of not doing a challenge. Let’s take the world by storm.”

Watch back the funny on-air moment above and yes, get on it! Post a video or a photo doing nothing and use the hashtag #NoChallengeChallenge

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

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