Lady Gaga Shuts Down Rumors She Is Pregnant & Confirms New Album

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Lady Gaga is seriously the woman of the hour! The latest about Gaga are rumors that she is pregnant. She immediately shut that down via Twitter, sharing the following...


So, now we know Lady Gaga has a new album in the works. But, here's where another powerhouse comes into play. Stans have been BEGGING for a Gaga and Rihanna collab since 2013...that was when Ri tweeted lyrics to one of Gaga's songs.

To say the collab would be overdue is the understatement of the century. But, here's when that info comes into play. When Gaga announced she is working on her new album she randomly started following Rihanna on Instagram.

Let me remind you that Gaga only follow 40 peeps on Insta, so this is a very BIG clue to our fan theory here. Gaga knows and/or has worked with EVERYONE she follows on her account so this isn't just a throw-away follow. We'll have to wait and see but my money is on this!


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