#MostRequestedLive Interview: Diplo On Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber & More

Diplo sat down for an interview with Maxwell on #MostRequestedLive! He talked about being a man of many projects, working with Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa and lots more.

On his many projects such as  Major Lazer, LSD with Labrinth and Sia and Silk City with Mark Ronson:

"Well there's also JACK U with Skrillex, there's also Diplo, which is my thing - I don't know if you guys remember him -there's my rap alter ego Lil' Disappointed which is very rare, I onlu have like one song recorded. I always like to create new things. I think I'm probably the last DJ that's gonna burn out because I have an alternative to work on."

On working with Dua Lipa on "Electricity:"

"As a singer - I've worked with her for years - I actually DM'd her out of nowhere years ago because I just heard her voice, I was like, 'yeah I wanna work with you eventually.' This record, we finished this one and her voice - she's one of the few females that has a low voice, that has a baritone, and she was able to kill that record. I was like, damn, she really can sing, too. She's not just a super model... she's a great singer, we just got lucky."

On working with Justin Bieber on "Where Are U Now":

"At the time he was at the lowest point of his life... He had just been in jail, people thought he was a brat, and me and Skrillex were in the middle of this underground scene that was aggressive and crazy, and I remember talking to Scooter, his manager, who is another friend, and I'm like, 'this sounds crazy but let's do a record.' He was like, 'We have nothing to lose by giving you this song,' and we did it. I remember when we first put that record out, people were just like... they didn't get it. And then it was like a year later it became a huge record."

Listen to Diplo's full interview with Maxwell below.