Dairy Queen Now Sells Blizzard Candles

If you've ever wanted to have a Dairy Queen scented candle, your dreams are coming true.

Dairy Queen just released Blizzard candles that are perfect for fall dessert candles. The line of Dairy Queen candles come in five different scents: Pumpkin Pie, Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough, Harvest Berry Pie, Heath Caramel Brownie, and Snickers.

Per Dairy Queen, the Pumpkin Pie candle lets you "inhale the pumpkin patch with wisps of pumpkin, vanilla, pie crust and happiness"; the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough candle will "turn any room into a cozy kitchen with sweet notes unbaked to perfection and hints of cinnamon"; the Harvest Berry Pie candle will "envelop your senses in a hug from Grandma with comforting notes of berries and warm pie crust"; the Heath Caramel Brownie candle will let you "breathe in the joy of baking with essence of brownie, hints of toffee, and caramel notes"; and the Snickers one will "take your scent buds trick-or-treating with the nutty, caramel, and chocolate aromas of your favorite candy."

Basically your room will smell like dessert heaven!

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