Stephanie Poetri Talks 'I Love You 3000,' Indonesian Ghost Stories

Indonesian-American recording artist Stephanie Poetri joined JoJo Wright live on KIIS FM to talk chat about her "I Love You 3000" success, Indonesian ghost stories and more! Poetri made a huge streaming splash after dropping the "Avengers: Endgame" inspired chill-bop "I Love You 3000" (no spoilers but if you know). The song currently has about 31 million views on YouTube (and counting), which has catapulted the young singer's name into international online conversation. Stephanie's visit to iHeartRadio in Burbank marked a few sizable career milestones - her first radio interview ever AND her first time being in Los Angeles! Previously based in Jakarta, ID, she shared with JoJo that she favors California's cold air and prefers LA's comparatively lighter traffic.

When it came to writing 'I Love You 3000,' Stephanie really only did it for fun. Her Instagram following was suggesting random phrases for her to turn into lyrics and due to the Marvel movie popularizing the title phrase, it was highly requested by many.

It's a phrase someone said to their kid in Avengers: Endgame. And, I was like doing a Q&A on Instagram...that's where my following is. I like to do things for fun and a lot of people wanted me to make a song with like random phrases and a bunch of people sent 'I Love You 3000' I made the chorus and then the next day everyone told me to make it into a full song. And like, I'm a 'people pleaser' so I completely finished that in like two hours, went to my mom, re-recorded it.

Poetri definitely did not expect the song to take off like it ended up doing. The video was even recorded on her phone.

It was all for fun so I didn't expect anything to come out of it. I shot the video with my phone and my sister. That's how chill it first time in LA because of it.

Talent seems to run in Poetri's family, as her mother is national "diva" and pop-music icon Titi Dj. Described as "Indonesia's equivalent of Madonna," Stephanie's mother is currently a judge on "The Voice Indonesia" and is a great source of knowledge and advice.

She's been famous ever since I was born. So I never really knew what it's like not to have a famous mom. So for me, it's normal. But to other people I bet it's pretty's like you go to school and they're like 'I know you' and I'm like 'how?' and they're like 'you're her kid...I saw her on TV.'

Growing up, Poetri described how she'd often have to act as her mother's bodyguard and police people wanting to take photos with her on the streets. However the tables have recently begun to turn. While out shopping a few kids passed up on the opportunity to take a photo with Titi, and instead wanted one with Stephanie!

Basically...a lot of mom's want to take pictures with her and I'm kind of like her body guard. I'm like 'ugh, enough pictures for her.' Like, I got you mom. A couple weeks ago...these two little kids, they were so cute. They like waddled up to me...and was like 'can we have a picture?' I was like (gasp) ' you want a picture with her too?' and they're like 'oh, no thank you.' Mom was really happy. She was like 'yas, my daughter's doing things!'

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