iPhone FaceTime Bug Lets You Listen In On Someone Before They Answer

Okay, so Producer Dana and I just tried this and I was skeptical at first but it ACTUALLY works! This is kind of creepy because it shows that even without answering your phone, people can still hear you! 

The new glitch was released today on socials that explain you can listen to the audio of someone you're trying to call without them actually answering. Yes, so that means if you're suspecting someone you know of doing something bad, NOW is the time to catch them! 

The way to try it on your iPhone: 

1. Start a FaceTime call with the person you'd like to hear audio from secretly.

2. While it's ringing, swipe up from the bottom and click "Add Person" and add your own phone number to the conversation. 

3. Once you do that, you will hear audio from the main person you called before they even answer! Crazy! 

Try it now and catch those liars while you can!