Collins Key and Devan Key Talk 2020 TikTok Ban, Pranks & More!

Collins and Devan Key joined EJ for a virtual interview to talk about TikTok, their prank videos and their new collaboration with Moose Toys!

As content creators, the ban of TikTok is something that can change content strategy for Collins and Devan they talk about how, like everyone else, they were freaked out to see if the app was really going to go away.

It's been a roller coaster of emotions. There has been so much going on with them I feel like every time we check Twitter or something there is a new update about TikTok. On a Friday morning it said TikTok banned on Sunday and we're like 'what are we going to do?' And then on Saturday afternoon they're like it's not!

Although Collins and Devan are really active on TikTok, they are mainly known for their YouTube channel which has over 22 million subscribers where they make hilarious videos.

Collins and Devan recently partnered with Moose Toys to release a toy line that fans can buy from what they see in their YouTube videos.

The number one thing [fans] always asked us is 'how can we do your crazy stuff at home?' We do some insane stuff like filling our backyard with 10,000 pounds of slime and crazy stuff like that, so they're always trying to take those experiences home and so for us it was kind of a dream come true that Moose approached us.

Collins and Devan's toy line is now available at Walmart!