Watch Ryan Gosling Get Starstruck Over Chris Stapleton In 'SNL' Promo

Photo: Getty Images

Ryan Gosling took a breath before he knocked on the door to Chris Stapleton’s Saturday Night Live dressing room in a newly-released promo for the upcoming show. Gosling held one of the country hitmaker’s headshots and a sharpie in his hand, rehearsing telling him that he’s a “big fan,” and “I love your music.”

“Yo, Chris! One for the ‘gram?” Gosling continues to practice as he holds up his phone. “Master Stapleton, ’tis I, sir Gosling. That’s cool.”

Ultimately, Gosling creaks open the door and calls for Stapleton, who is nowhere to be found; however, his signature cowboy hat sits in front of the mirror. Gosling approaches the hat and tries it on as Stapleton’s “White Horse” begins to play in the background.”

Stapleton hilariously referenced Barbie when he announced that he would be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, the same night Gosling is set to host the show. Stapleton posted the news on his own social media pages, captioning the post, “I’m just Chris.” The announcement came shortly after Gosling, who notably played Ken in the record-breaking Barbie move (opposite Margot Robbie), performed “I’m Just Ken” at the 96th Academy Awards. He donned a Barbie-pink suite during the standout performance.

Gosling and Stapleton will appear on Saturday Night Live this Saturday night (April 13).

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