Ellie Goulding And LAUV Release New Collab 'Slow Grenade'

Ellie Goulding's new album, Brightest Blue, drops July 17 and the British singer has been gifting fans with songs ahead of its release.

This week, Goulding released her first collaboration with LAUV, “Slow Grenade,” and we have it on repeat!

The track is the third of Brightest Blue's B-Side, known as EG.0, and is the sixteenth track overall on the album.

“Slow Grenade is out now and completes the EG.0 side of my new record the side that features all of my recent collaborations. Thank you for allowing me to use my voice in these moments and bring out the fearlessness in my music,” she wrote on Instagram.

In the song, Goulding and LAUV sing about the trials and difficulty of trying to move on from a relationship gone wrong. “It's like a part of me must want it/ That's why I'm not running from it/ Can't escape this blowing up/ In my face, so why can't I/ Why can't I stop it?” Goulding sings in the chorus.

LAUV jumps in on the second verse with her and they sing the all too relatable lyrics: Crazy, late nights in the city/ Drink until you hate me/ Then say that I should just let you go (Just let you go)/ But hold on, why do we still hold on?/ Think that we should move on/ But we're too scared of being alone (Being alone).”

“Slow Grenade” isn't the first or only collaboration Goulding has on the album. On the B-side, Ellie teamed up with some other incredible artists including, “Worry About Me” with blackbear, “Close To Me” with Diplo and Swae Lee, and “Hate Me” with the late Juice WRLD.

Photos: Getty Images