This week's start up is special to me since Mamamoo has quickly become one of my favorite KPOP groups bar none. Mamamoo consists of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa, and all members are equally talented vocalists, rappers, and dancers. Formed by Rainbow Bridge Entertainment in 2014, they are one of the OG girl groups still out there today. They have a definite emphasis on vocals, both in track and during live performances, which sets them apart from other groups who tend to favor visuals and choreography over the actual music.

Something I admire about these women is that they all have causes they're passionate about and they're not afraid to be vocal in the midst of an Asian culture that's still struggling with body image inclusivity, feminist issues, and the like. Solar, the leader of the group, has a Youtube channel with over 1.5 million followers where she spends time trying new things every week, including *gasp* pole dancing. Hwasa, the youngest, is also a burgeoning solo artist, with her song Twit being one of the major hits of 2019. This year Hwasa also performed with a well known artist on our side of the world, Dua Lipa, at the 2019 MAMA Awards. These strong women are churning out hits left and right all while staying true to themselves, so you can definitely say I am a newly minted "MooMoo". Check out this week's segments below, as well as the featured songs and a few of Hwasa's performances.

난리가 나 나 난리가 나...

Segment 1
Segment 2

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