Meghan Markle Viciously Mom-Shamed For How She Holds Baby Archie

The Duke Of Cambridge And The Duke Of Sussex Take Part In The King Power Royal Charity Polo Day

Meghan Markle can't even hold her son without being viciously mom-shamed. The Duchess of Sussex surprised royal watchers by showing up to support Prince Harry at a recent polo match and bringing little Archie for the outing, too. It wasn't long after photos of the mother-son duo hit the world wide web that critics started shaming Meghan for the way she held Archie during their fun day together.

"Is it just me or that's NOT how you're supposed to hold a newborn? I get anxious simply looking at these pictures. It's sad that Meghan Markle seems so awkward and uncomfortable around her own son," one person wrote on Twitter.

"The poor Archie's left arm is being held up by Meghan Markle's left hand. spreading both legs, & Archie's shoulders are treated like a cushion for her left arm for a long time. Meghan Markle's mother was supposed to teach Meghan how to hold a baby, including during prenatal care," another chimed in.

"I don't understand why all the HooHa about wanting Archie 2 B protected with privacy that they didn't simply have him in a little stroller yesterday with a shade 2 protect him. Y did she walk round with him parading him like that, kisses 4 camera?? ONE ANSWER WIMBLEDON BACKLASH," a third person commented.

Here's a photo of Meghan and Archie from the polo match for reference:

The Duke Of Cambridge And The Duke Of Sussex Take Part In The King Power Royal Charity Polo Day

Some supporters, though, came to Meghan's defense by pointing out many experts recommend holding infants in such a fashion. Her supporters shared screenshots from Healthline, which instruct parents to hold "baby's body parallel with your own" anc "rest their head on your chest and shoulder so they can look out behind you." This position is soothing for baby's because they can hear their parent's heartbeat.


It seems like Meghan had a nice day with Archie, as well as the rest of the royal family, so she's (hopefully) not sweating any of this social media drama.

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