Chris Lane & 'Bachelor' Alum Lauren Bushnell Engaged: See The Sweet Video

Chris Lane, Lauren Bushnell

Chris Lane has "Big, Big Plans" and is ready for a lifetime of Laps Around The Sun with Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell ... because the couple is officially engaged!

The country star popped the question on Father's Day with a beautiful new song called "Big, Big Plans," which is all about his plans to spend the rest of his life with Bushnell. In a video posted to his YouTube, he plays the song for Lauren for the first time, and after hearing the emotional lyrics, he takes her by the hand into the backyard and gets down on one knee to ask her to marry him.

As he is on one knee, Lane can be heard telling Bushnell, "Baby, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me," adding, "I have to spend the rest of my life with you." In tears, Lauren said yes! Watch the sweet proposal below.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the special moment, Chris said, "I knew she wouldn't want some elaborate crazy proposal. So, I decided to keep it pretty casual. I asked her parents for different places in Portland I could potentially take her to, but after a lot of thought I decided doing it at the family cookout would be the most laid-back setting and that she’d appreciate the simplicity of me proposing to her in her parents' backyard."

And absolutely nothing could detract Lane from this relationship milestone as he also revealed that he had accidentally stepped in dog poop just before popping the question. He explained, "As I was about to propose ... I stepped in fresh dog poop with my bare feet. Not at all how I planned it out in my head!"

Lauren clearly didn't seem to mind, because she tells PEOPLE, "I lost it. It was the happiest moment of my life!" She adds, "Chris is the most thoughtful person. He clearly put so much time and thought into not only the song, but also making sure everyone I love most was surrounding us in that moment. Holding each other, hearing the song for the first time and then seeing him get down on one knee is a moment I’ll never forget. Watching the video back was almost just as emotional as the proposal itself — I still get teary-eyed even thinking about it. Seeing all of those memories in one place and then reliving the best day of my life is pretty special!"

Congratulations to Chris and Lauren!