Did Nicki Minaj Drop Out Of Her Summer Tour With Chris Brown?

Nicki Minaj is still M.I.A. and now there are reports she's no longer going on tour with Chris Brown.

On Monday (June 10), Live Nation released the tour dates for what was supposed to be Nicki and Chris' joint Summer Tour. However, Nicki's name was not listed on the announcement that included performers Joyner Lucas, Ty Dolla $ign, Tory Lanez, and Yella Beezy.

As previously reported, the "Hard White" rapper and "No Guidance" singer were gearing up for a joint Summer Tour. In April, Variety broke the news that the entertainers, who recently linked up on G-Eazy's single "Wobble Up," would be going on tour this Fall. However, hours later, Chris confirmed that the joint tour would actually be this summer. "The tour will not be in the fall!!!!!!! It is in the Summer! This Summer," he wrote on his Instagram Story following Variety's announcement. However, now it seems like it'll be Chris' tour alone. (The tour's titled the IndiGOAT Tour after Chris' upcoming Indigo album)

The timing of the sans-Nicki tour adds to further speculation about her whereabouts. Barbs have been on the hunt to find their missing queen after she took an unexpected, and yet to be explained, break from both social media and the public eye. With her last known sighting being the 2019 Met Gala on May 7 and her last social media post being an Instagram promo about the "Wobble Up" music video on May 20, the Barbs set out on a mission to find their beloved Nicki, who is usually very interactive with her fans on social media.

In their quest to find Miss Minaj, the Barbs started posting various "Missing" signs that feature photos of Nicki and her body measurements last week. One "MISSING" poster read: "MISSING. Have you seen this person? Name: Nicki Minaj. Age: 36. RACE: wit chyna Height: 5'2''. Hair Color: you never know SEX 3 times a day. EYES 69/`0 Missing Since: QUEEN Can You Help? Call 1-555-the-stans." Another added, "Last Seen At: Met Gala."

While it's unknown why Nicki has decided to take a break from the public eye, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about a possible baby Nicki could be the reason for her social media hiatus. And with news of her absence from what was supposed to a joint tour with Breezy, baby speculation has only heightened. Guess we'll have to continue to wait to see what news Nicki brings when she finally reemerges.

Photo: Getty Images