Military Monday Spotlight #1: Francine Ingallina

Little Known Civilian Veteran History Facts, as featured on The J Will Jamboree, is compiled, condensed information by various veterans.

Francine Ingallina

Francine Ingallina, resident of Baltimore, Maryland, former Army Sergeant, served two deployments as a Combat Veteran to Iraq and was the 1st infantry division Best Warrior Competition winner in 2010.

Francine transitioned from the Military to Civilian life as a single mother of two incredible daughters. Francine has exhibited amazing resilience by taking care of her family, completing her Bachelor’s degree and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

On Military Monday we congratulate and salute Francine Ingallina for her successful transition to Civilian life.

Join the mission to help Veterans focus on the celebration of life after the military. We’ll honor veterans for their continued resilience and community service on Friday, June 28th. Come out to honor American hero, Francine Ingallina, at the Thayer Hotel from 7-11pm.

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