Chvrches Brings Out Marshmello to Perform "Here With Me" at Coachella 2019

Although not many guest appearances happened this weekend during Coachella Valley Music Festival week 1 - there were a few that knocked our socks.

Scottish electro-pop group Chvrches invited Marshmello on stage to perform their latest collaboration, “Here With Me.”

Marshello performed alongside the band strictly playing guitar and rocking his signature helmet. The emotional song certainly pulled on the crowds heartstrings with lyrics that track a theme of missing someone handling the emotions of their loss.

The performance garnered a lot of attention with viewers tweeting out accolades.

"The most wonderful part of #coachella isn't even seeing your favourite artists featured onstage, but rather all the new ones you get to experience! There are worlds of music out there and I for one find exploring them very fun! @CHVRCHES you just hooked me!"

"Holu shit @CHVRCHES absolutely killed it at #Coachella so freaking grateful for the live stream so I could see them! And @marshmellomusic so awesome seeing you play the guitar live!!"

"Staying up til 2 was well worth catching that @CHVRCHES set"