Childish Gambino Reflects on Nipsey Hussle and Life at Coachella 2019

Coachella is not only a special place because of the eclectic fashion, the live hits, or the potential to make it to the Instagram discover feed. It’s a place where the artist we all know and love come to give us their peak performances. Where their stage ego and true personalities can truly merge and give us a once in a lifetime glimpse of who they are. Beyonce did it in 2018 when she gave us a two hour peek at her celebration of Black American culture.

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, got extremely personal headlining the music festival this year. After joining the crowd to perform alongside a man casually enjoying the herbs of the earth, Glover took the stage again to perform new music and then premiere his new film project with Rihanna, Guava World. If you’ll recall, we’ve been secretly obsessing over the when's, what's, and where's of this project FOREVER.

It was the moment that Childish opened up about what it means be to alive that really dug into our souls.

“I lost my dad this year. We lost Nipsey, we lost Mac,” he said as he reflected on how we should appreciate each moment of each day.

“I remember my dad saying, “'You do what you’re supposed to do. Every moment is special.'”

The Redbone singer sobered the crowd up a moment to remind everyone that the timing of life and death is out of our hands, it's what we choose to do with that time that matters.

“What I was starting to realize - all we really have is memories at the end of the day… all we are is really like data."

Childish then opens up more about how today's society is looking for the calm trying to balance a technological overload.

“The problem with us, like millennials, everybody here - we have so much data. Like, we know what going to happen. We’re too afraid to plant a tree that we know we’re not going to eat from.

“There’s a hundred thousand of you out here right now. There's a chance, there's a good chance that at least one of y’all won’t see next week. So what I’m saying is, while you’re here, while we’re here… feel something and pass it on.

“This song is for all of you guys. This song is for everything we’ve lost and everything we stand to gain.”

Los Angeles’ 102.7 KIIS FM captured the intimate moment, check it out below.