Celebrities React To Instagram Shut Down: See The Best Tweets!

On Wednesday (March 13), a technical blip caused all of Instagram — and Facebook! — to unexpectedly shut down for nearly the entire day, and celebrities seriously couldn't handle it.

In the wake of the crash, which prevented users from viewing feeds, sharing posts, Stories, videos, etc., stars took to Twitter — one of the sole functioning apps that allowed users to vent about such frustrations — with all sorts of things to say about the setback.

Ellen DeGeneres made use of her free time with some shameless self-promotion, tweeting, "Facebook and Instagram are down! Don’t worry. I made this great playlist for you to watch on @ellentube."

Singer Bebe Rexha used the moment to shine a light on how social media can be detrimental to our mental health: "I wonder how many people will feel a lot more stress free today than usual because Instagram is not working."

In an update: Instagram is up and running — and all is peaceful in the cosmos of the internet.

But just for giggles, check out more celebrity tweets reacting to the Instagram shut down below.

Photo: Getty Images