Kylie Jenner Changed Her Daughter Stormi's Name At The Very Last Second



Talk about making a last minute decision. 

Despite planning to name her daughter, Stormie, with an i-e, Kylie Jenner changed her daughter's name to Stormi, with just an i, at the very very last second. (I'm talkin' milliseconds) 

While discussing her upcoming Halloween makeup kit with YouTuber James Charles, the reality star turned beauty mogul revealed how her now-eight-month-old daughter's name change went down. "[Her dad] Travis [Scott] thinks that he thought of Stormi [but] it was me," she recalled. "I remember the whole thing, but he swears he made her name up. I was just looking [up] nature names, like weather-, earth-inspired... Storm was on there, just Storm, and I was kind of like, 'I want an i-e, like me.' So then I did Stormie, i-e... And then it was always Stormie with an i-e."

After locking in the name, Kylie even "bought custom things" for her daughter, spelling it all with an i-e.  However, after she was born, Kylie said she knew she wanted some time with her baby girl before making her name official on her birth certificate. "I wanted her to have a week with just me and her to see if I wanted to change it because I had one other name in mind, but Stormi always felt like her name from when she was in the womb. It's almost like she chose her name. So then, when they called me from the birth certificate office and I was finalizing the name, they were like, 'How do you want to spell it?' And I was Like, 's-t-o-r-m-i.' And they were like, 'are you sure?' And I was like, 'yeah, just an i,' she explained. 

I [changed it] literally right then and there," she shared. "I hung up the phone and I was like, 'da*n, I guess that's her name.' And then I called Travis and I was like, 'I didn't put an e, I just spelled it with an I. And he was like, 'It's cool.'"

Kylie also dished on baby Stormi's personality saying, "She's just changing every day. She really is becoming like a little person. She reminds me a lot of Kendall." The almost-billionaire even opened up about wanting to have lots and lots more kids, but only girls. "I do want to have more, but when is the question," she admitted, before saying she wants to give her "sisters only." Adding, "I want seven girls and maybe I'll consider a boy."

Photo: Getty Images