John Jay High School College & Career Fair

John Jay High School

We are seeking any and all local professionals who are willing to share knowledge of their industry and profession with high school students. We hope to maintain and enhance our relationships with professionals in the fields of insurance, accounting, real estate, law enforcement, fire safety, and the military. We especially hope to enhance representation from professionals in the trades, marketing and retail, law and politics, any aspect of the medical profession, and every type of engineering, computer science, writing, art, and design. 

What to Bring :Knowledge of your profession and industry is the most important item. We also ask that you bring a friendly smile and an easy hello to teenagers who may be hesitant about approaching adults they do not know. It is

not necessary, but any sort of visual aid or handout may make it easier to share your experiences with the youngsters.

If you need an electrical outlet for your computer, TV/DVD, or other item, please let us know in advance. We will ensure a convenient location and extension cords to meet your needs. We do have public wireless access in the building, however it is a bit slow. If you wish to show an online video, we may be able to provide access to the staff wireless, but downloading it to your device may be more reliable.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Keating: 845-897-6700 x 30063 or to register click HERE