Caller Thanks Sisanie For Being Honest About Reality of Motherhood

Let’s be honest: Motherhood is not easy. After Sisanie opened up about feeling like she’s drowning while trying to juggle 8-month-old twins and a full-time job, a caller phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to thank Sisanie for being vulnerable and honest about the reality of motherhood. 

In case you missed it, Sisanie was showing her vision board to Ryan Seacrest earlier this week and admitted she wants to conquer feeling like she’s mastered being a working mom, because, right now, she’s struggling. 

“I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciated the honesty in what you said and it was so raw and you sounded so vulnerable when you said it and it means a lot as a working mom who is obviously not a celebrity and not in the public eye for someone who is in the pubic eye to be so honest about the experience because it is really hard,” the caller shared with Sis. “… Your response was the human being and as a mom, I know your heart is with your kids all day, all the time, because I’m a working mom. … You feel so conflicted sometimes and you have so much guilt and I think the moms don’t talk about it enough. They’re not honest enough about it. They always try to act like the superheroes and they can do everything so hearing from you and being so honest, it’s so appreciated.”

Sisanie shared that she even regretted being honest about her feelings — so much so she wished she hadn't admitted that she feels like she’s drowning. That said, she opened up more, sharing she's also dealing with managing her own expectations, trying to help comparing herself to celebrities who “bounce back" immediately after giving birth.

“I have not bounced back. … It’s really tough you guys because I do compare myself to Chrissy Teigen and Khloé Kardashian who had babies right around the same time I did and they’re just like looking perfect,” Sis concluded. “It’s tough because I don’t have a nutritionist. I don’t have a personal trainer. So that’s kind of where my mentality is.”

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