J Will Freezes Away Fat with Cool Sculpting at New Beginnings Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery #Ad

My days of carrying around extra stubborn fat are almost over. Today I visited Dr. Silverman at New Beginnings Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and began my first treatment of Cool Sculpting!

You've heard me ask about this non invasive procedure and I now know exactly how it works. 

First, Dr. Silverman and Medical Assistant Kelly Burns marked my stomach and stubborn fat areas. We targeted six areas on my stomach, with each Cool Sculpting session lasting 35 minutes.

The easiest way to describe the Cool Sculpting feeling is a vacuum suctioned to your body and a cooling sensation taking over. After about two minutes, the targeted area, where the Cool Sculpting device is placed, went numb. (Think a cold ice pack on your skin for about 15 minutes without a paper towel) 

Once a target area is complete Kelly removes the Cool Sculpting device and massages the target for 2 minutes.

For me this procedure was painless, non invasive and relaxing. For more info on how to set up your Cool Sculpting consultation, click here.

I have two more areas to get treated. We should see results within the next 60 days. #LLCoolJWill coming soon!!!



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