You Should Lie About Your Password Recovery Questions

You've tried every combination of password you can think of to get into your account and none of them are working, been there done that. So you find yourself now trying to answer the security questions to recover said password. What was my favorite movie 5 years ago again?

Apparently your first mistake was answering the security question truthfully in the first place.

From Mashable:

The idea of password-recovery questions is simple. If you forget your login credentials, there's a backup way to get into your account. The problem is that often the information required to pass those minor-security hurdles is easily found via a quick Google search. 

So how do we get around this? The easy solution is to start lying.

It's difficult remembering all of the different passwords to all your accounts (because it's good practice to be using a different password for each account). Luckily there are password managers.

Services like LastPass and 1Password only require you to remember one strong passphrase (and use multi-factor authentication), and then they do the rest. Password managers also have another handy feature for the security inclined. Specifically, you can save "secure notes" on LastPass and other similar services. That means, instead of having to remember the real answers to your password-recovery questions, you can just make up random gibberish (or use diceware to create something even more secure). 

So there you go! An easy solution to a difficult problem. Just don't go saying your favorite color is blue when it's actually red, you'll just add fuel to the fire...

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