As far as KPOP goes there are the newbies and the underdogs (believe it or not BTS is considered an underdog) but there are also the established elite, the ones no one is surprised have a huge presence (think Hansen vs. NYSNC). EXO are the elite.

EXO (short for Exoplanet) are a 9 (formally 12) member group from one of the big 3 media companies SM Entertainment. It started out as a Korean/Chinese joint venture, with subgroups EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin) singing in their respective languages. Since 2014 however they lost 3 members and perform as one group, EXO.

The group consists of:

  • Xiumin (Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer, Rapper)
  • Suho (Leader, Lead Vocal)
  • Lay (Main Dancer, Vocal, Rapper)
  • Baekhyun (Main Vocal)
  • Chen (Main Vocal)
  • Chanyeol (Main Rapper, Vocal, Visual)
  • D.O. (Main Vocal)
  • Kai (Main Dancer, Rapper, Vocal, Center, Visual)
  • Sehun (Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocal, Maknae)

Take a listen to this week's segments below and take a look at the songs we featured!

EXO Segment 1
EXO Segment 2

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