There's an argument that could say that this new project of mine would not exist if it were not for Blackpink. Blackpink were my first real introduction into the world of KPOP (I had heard names like Girls Generation and Super Junior in high school but didn't think much of it) and honestly ever since I saw their performance at Coachella earlier this year I've spiraled farther and farther down into the KPOP hole that I find myself in today.

In the world of KPOP girl groups Blackpink stands apart. Sure they have the cute bubblegum pop hooks that a lot of the other groups have but what they have that others don't are straight BARS. Blackpink boast two of the most talented female rappers in the industry and not only that, they do a lot of their raps in English. Like BTS, Blackpink has endeared themselves to a global audience through their powerful image and their use of multiple languages.

If you've seen any other KPOP girl group in passing you know that something else that makes Blackpink stand apart is that there are only 4 members in the group. You might not think that's strange but it's not uncommon for most KPOP girl groups to have upwards of NINE members. This just helps Blackpink have more of a global image as well, since most Western fans aren't used to so many members in one group.

The 4 members of Blackpink are:

  • Jisoo (visual, singer)
  • Jennie (lead rapper, singer)
  • Rosé (lead singer)
  • Lisa (lead dancer, rapper, singer, maknae)



Like any other KPOP group, each member of Blackpink have their strengths, Lisa with dance, Jennie with rap, Rose with singing, but something most Western audiences might be unfamiliar with is that a members "visuals" or how attractive they are can be weighed as just as important as their musical ability. Blackpink's Jisoo for example had originally intended to be an actress, but because she could sing and learned how to dance fairly easily she was added to the group as a visual element since she's considered the ideal of Korean beauty.

Take a listen to this week's segment below and take a look at the songs we highlighted this week. 감사합니다!

KPOP START UP: Segment 1
KPOP START UP: Segment 2

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