Artificial Intelligence That Can Translate Babies?

Researchers from Northern Illinois University have developed an AI that can tell the difference between a baby crying because it's hungry and one that's in pain.

From Futurism:

They gathered their training data for the algorithm from 26 infants in a hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. Then they asked experienced nurses and caregivers to parse the probable reason for each cry — “hungry,” “diaper,” “attention,” “sleepy,” or “discomfort” — with the first four reasons considered “normal” and the fifth “abnormal.”

The hope is it can give new parents a way to tell if they should bring their infant to the hospital or if they just need to be changed. I'm wondering why this is needed at all, however. What parent doesn't know when and if their child is in pain? And if they're not, there's only a few set reasons they could be crying at all. Seems like another unnecessary use for technology in my opinion.

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