PA Shelter Uses Artificial Intelligence To Name Adoptable Kittens

From CNET:

TheMorris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia teamed up with research scientist Janelle Shane who trained a neural network to name cats, and the results are cute, weird and sometimes downright horrible. She originally trained a network by giving it 8,000 cat names to learn from, but the AI stumbled, giving out names like Hurler and Retchion. Shane revisited the challenge with an AI that had a lot more context and trained it up with a long list of cat names. This time around, it was (somewhat) more successful.

Here's a few of my favorites:

  • Honeystring
  • Dr Leg
  • Tom Noodle
  • Pinball Scene
  • Peanutbutterjiggles
  • You’re Telling A Lie
  • Beep Boop
  • Thoughts
  • Bobble Bun
  • Atmosphere
  • You Name It
  • Whiskeridoo
  • Sparky Buttons

I'm probably getting another kitten this summer and might just be named Ringo Shuffles.