Costco Is Selling A 27-Pound Bucket Of Mac & Cheese

Costco is giving us exactly what we want with bucket-sized food!

According to a listing on Costco's website, they are now selling a bucket of macaroni and cheese, which is full of 180 individually packaged servings of elbow pasta and 180 individually packaged servings of cheddar cheese sauce.

The Chef's Banquet Macaroni & Cheese Storage Bucket costs $90 and has a 20-year shelf life, but don't let the timeline fool you because if you like mac and cheese, this will be gone before you know it. The bucket is listed under Costco's Emergency Kits & Supplies section but we all know this is going to be served at dinner every night.

The bucket is unfortunately sold out online at the moment, but as soon as Costco re-stocks, jump on it and buy a bucket!