So I'm super excited because Pretty Little Liars starts back up again tonight! Finally a little more drama in my summer =)

ABC Family is also premiering a new show right after Pretty Little Liars called Chasing Life. A drama about a girl who is just beginning her life as an adult and then she comes to find out she has cancer.  Riding the coat tails of hit movie and book, The Fault in Our Stars, I think the premier will bring in big numbers (at least where ABC Family is concerned) but will it be able to stick around? Maybe.

Check out a sneak peak below!


New Tonight:

America's Got Talent


Famous in 12

I Wanna Marry Harry

2014 NBA Finals

Season Premier: Pretty Little Liars

Series Premier: Chasing Life

Heroes of Cosplay

The Wil Wheaton Project


Season Premier: Royal Pains