Remember the car chase that caught all of our attention a while back: when a car flew through a public park, almost hitting into a crowd of children, & another driver took matters into his own hands and decided to END the chase himself with his truck! He rammed the truck right into the car as it was trying to get away from police. Awesome.

Well, the video below highlights the true meaning of a community! After hearing what the driver did to end the chase, this community came together to THANK the man who put his life in danger to make sure those children in the park were safe..and well, a simple repair turned into $15,000 worth of upgrades! 

The repairs to Bryson Rowley's truck alone would have cost around $7,000 BUT it got approximately $8,000 extra worth of upgrades thanks to donations from the community.

"People are priceless, a car can be fixed." [WATCH]


Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot