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So from time to time of course you hear all these rumors about celebrities breaking up and sometimes it's true and other times it's not. Mariah and Nick are very use to having stories about them getting a divorce but it looks like this time it might be true. According to reports the trouble started a few months back when Nick opened up about the past ladies in his life. Shortly after that Nick told Howard Stern that he was in hot water with Mariah after that interview. 

So apparently the two have been fighting since May and living in different homes. A source also said that Mariah is frustrated with Nick taking every job under the sun and he never has time for her and the kids. So what is one sign that this is true - if you look at Mariah's instagram account up until May it was filled with photos of her with Nick and the kids, and since then they've all been solo pictures or just of the kids. Except on Mother's Day and Father's Day. Apparently they've only gotten together for the major Holidays. 

Nick's instagram account has actually been deleted AND the two haven't been seen together in public in months!! We hope these two crazy kids can work it out! 


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