March 20th

Web Girl Kathleen found the one thing that all of us women need: a door mat that reminds us to turn off our straighteners!! It’s the worst feeling when you get to work and can’t remember if you turned it off! Not only does it risk burning out your straightener but it’s dangerous and can catch on fire! The hand painted door mat is available on for $40 and says "turn off your straightener" so you'll be reminded on your way out the door. There’s also one that says “don’t forget to turn off your curling iron” or “don’t forget your lunch!”. I’m so forgetful, I need a doormat for something in front of every room…but this is a start!

How annoying is it when you’re waiting on hold for a customer service rep to answer the phone? No matter where you are calling it’s painful. No need to sit on hold anymore! The company FastCustomer is a service you can call, let them know what company you need to talk to and they will have someone from that company call YOU back. You can also use their text service or even better…download the FastCustomer app! The app is available for Android and iPhone, you can search over 3,000 different companies! No more annoying elevator music!