July 15th



Our listener Erica tweeted me about Flash Tattoos, which is possibly one of the most fun products I've come across! A Flash Tattoo is a metallic tattoo that resembles jewelry so it looks like you have a shiny bracelet on your wrist! Put them all over your body! Keep them in your purse for when you need to glam up your look!



The worst part about summer is thigh rub. We are so excited to wear skirts and dresses and then boom, chaffing all day. If that could just not happen, things would be great. Until then, I'm getting a pair of Bandelettes. They're silicone and lace bands that go around each leg. The inside is silicone so it won't slide up and down your leg and the outside is lace. A pair is only $14.99. Where have you been all my life?!