I saw Cocoon’s GRID-IT in the Apple Store and was drawn in by how something so simple can organize so much. It’s a panel with a unique weave of rubberized elastic straps made specifically to hold items in place. It makes bag organization much easier whether you’re a guy or a girl with a purse, backpack, suitcase, or laptop bag, this is the key to organization your items. Use it for pens, gum, keys, your phone, chargers, any small things you may have. It comes in various sizes as well as versions that double as tablet and computer cases. The organizer I have easily fits into any of my purses, computer case, or iPad case! They also sell backpacks and laptop bags that have the GRID-IT feature inside. It’s awesome for travel or everyday use!

Calling Bazaart a collage app really doesn’t do it justice.  This takes photo editing to a whole new level.  There are plenty of creative ways to play with your everyday photos…make it look like a dinosaur is chasing you or totally change the background of a photo so it looks like you are somewhere else! I used Bazaart to make a message with images about #WhatsTrending returning today! Through Bazaart you can access your social media as well as GILT to use their images. I pulled images of shoes, jewelry, candles, ties, and more items I would usually include in #WhatsTrending and made a collage out of them. I used the text tool to say #WhatsTrending returned on Monday and posted it to Instagram and Twitter. I had fun making it and you would never known I used an app.  Bazaart is FREE! Happy creating!