April 7th


Monthly beauty box subscriptions are pretty incredible, who doesn't love trying out new beauty products?!  Sometimes though, you'll get that one product or color you will never use. Instead of giving it away to a friend or tossing it just trade it! eDivv.com is a place to negotiate, barter, and trade for your beauty sample products. After signing up, upload photos and a description of your beauty products. When you find a product you click click "divvy" then choose an item in your collection you want to swap for and start the divvy process. The owner of the product you want can either accept, counter by asking for a different product or decline your offer.  When accepted each of you must ship your product within 48 hours and voila! You've got a new beauty product that you picked out in exchange for one you didn't want and you only paid for shipping!!



I featured the 2048 app and I have been getting love/hate emails and tweets from our listeners who cannot stop playing it. I get it. I'm addicted too. One of them decided to get me back they would have me try an equally addicting game. It's called White Tile. @DennEmma I hate you. It's such a mindless game but it'd addicting. There are two ways to play - how many tiles you can get across in 10 seconds or how quickly you you can get across the floor. All you need to do is jump on the black tiles and not the white tiles...but do it quickly. White Tile is beyond easy yet so hard to mess up! I played on Saturday when I was drunk and I was so much better than I am when I'm sober. So maybe have a few for your best performance at White Tile. Download on for iPhone and Android.