At first glance you would never guess that Marc Forgione is a master in the kitchen. With his rocker good looks and edgy mohawked hair, Marc Forgione is definitely one of the hottest celebrity chefs in the biz.

He offered up advice for listeners beginning to cook, “ If can make a good sunny-side up egg, then you can probably cook a good steak. If you can make good scrambled eggs, the you can probably make a nice risotto! All the techniques with eggs is all a lot of handle and care and seasoning that carries over[...] If you can master an egg, the world is yours!”

At 34, Marc is practically a restaurateur veteran. He’s been working along side his famous chef Dad, Larry Forgione, since the tender age of 16. So it’s about time he released a cookbook chock full of his culinary secrets! His first book, Marc Forgione: Recipes and Stories from the Acclaimed Chef and Restaurant is set to be released in April 2014 and is available for pre-order on

He’s also championing his delicious (we can attest!) handcrafted “anti-bloody mary mix” Batch 22 at The all-purpose mix is equally as good mixed with vodka, as it is with the shrimp cocktail at Marc’s Restaurant Amercan Cut. (We could drink it by the gallons.)

Listen to our audio interview with the very sexy Marc Forgione below: 





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