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Bloody Beetroots teamed up with Peter Frampton on their collaboration "The Beat" off the dance act's recent album Hide.  Frampton contributes guitar and talkbox vocals on the song, and calls it his "first dance track."

The rocker explains that the Beetroots' Bob Cornelius Rifo initiated the collaboration, asking if he'd "think about doing some talkbox" on it. 

Frampton adds that "The Beat" marks his first recording with the guitar he lost in a 1981 plane crash that was just recently returned to him, and it's "just like an old friend's back." 

Rifo says working with Frampton was "a dream come true."  The electro artist tells Peter is "a wonderful musician and a wonderful person with a soul which is equally wonderful."  He adds that his goal with the album is to "create a bridge between different historical generations of music using old and new musicians," and Frampton is "the perfect icon" to help him "explore this vision." 

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of "The Beat" below: